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Liquidation by Autumn Royal 

Liquidation is a collection of anti-elegies exploring how love & loss generate experiences of ecstatic awareness & the uncanny sensation of being both inside & outside the body. With shifts, spills & soaks, Liquidation interrogates the representational qualities of language in relation to how varying forms of value are placed on normative expectations relating to emotions & identities.

I occupy space, which is to say i am always grieving by Chi Tran

As part of the 2017 Summer writer’s residency we published Chi Tran’s chapbook, I occupy space, which is to say, i am always grieving.

Someone  writes  the  word  controversial but I think they might mean cruel. Then blood and pleasure are, once again, made normal, and I remember what I had been told to forget.

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A review from Autumn Royal of “I occupy space, which is to say, i am always grieving,” can be found in Overland... here

Transformative Justice Camp Notes and Resources

As part of the Transformative Justice Camp, held in 2017, the library published notes and resources from the discussions shared. The full pdf is available... here.