Undocumented Online Book Launch with FERN Collective

To celebrate the newly released magical creation: Undocumented by A’isyiyah, FERN Collective alongside Incendium Radical Library will be holding an online book launch.

Undocumented is a narrative essay that weaves ancestral remembrance together with dreaming abolition to imagine a world founded upon principles of love and nurturance. It was written in conversation with community, alongside those who practice insurgent care in their daily lives, in hopes to grow strong roots for the next world.

A’isyiyah is a Batak and Jawa mama who grew up on uncle dead Cabrogal Land (south-west Sydney). They are invested in building strong communities founded upon intergenerational, ancestral and collective healing. They organise in community both autonomously and with Anticolonial Asian Alliance, a First Nations solidarity collective. They dream and study prison abolition and transformative justice, and are the vocalist of anticolonial erratic hardcore band Arafura.
In this event, short passages from Undocumented will be read live. Following will involve a community conversation centring on the overarching themes of Undocumented - fugitive and insurgent care and dreaming up the abolition of the carceral state (general FTP stuff lol). Myself (Mo) and A’isyiyah will also be following up our first Conversation of Care, and delving deeper into themes of ancestral and collective healing.

Image description: on a beige coloured background, the text in white says undocumented by A’isyiyah, on top of it are three golden marigold flowers with dark green leaves, underneath it in black outlined text says online launch event, then underneath in brown text it says Friday 6th of november 7:30pm (AEST+daylight savings), AUSLAN provided, register via link. Underneath the text is three outlined illustrations in white ink of Indonesian fugitives and activists, in order from left to right is Munir, a brown man with short hair holding a PA microphone to their mouth, second is Marsinah, a brown woman with large hair flowing around her face, she looks directly straight on, third is Pramoedya, an elderly brown man with large roundish square glasses smoking a cigarette.

Accessibility: An AUSLAN interpreter will be provided, after registering the launch will be recorded and the link to the recording will be sent out to those registered. A transcript of the event will also be provided.

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Panda Wong’s Online Residency
November 2020

We are very excited to announce that our resident for 2020 is Panda Wong!

This year the residency will be held online due to Covid restrictions. Panda will be working on an online project called whispers from home.

WFH (whispers from home) is a google doc poem that will be updated throughout the length of the residency. It’s an evolving document that will be a way for me to translate an insular experience into something that I can share.

Panda is a poet and editor who lives on unceded land, so-called Melbourne/Narrm. She is an associate editor at The Suburban Review and has been published in Runway Journal, Rabbit, Sick Leave, Liminal, and more. She is also a 2020 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow.

Past Events:

Electric Lotus by Manisha Anjali book launch! With readings from Manisha, Mohamed and Panda.

The Tower by Ainslie Templeton book launch

Readers at the Spring Poetry Night

Saaro Umar’s writers workshop held during her writers residency at the library 10/8/19.

Manisha Anjali’s surrealist writing workshop held during her writers residency at the library, 2019. 

Poetry night with Manisha Anjali, Autumn Royal and Chi Tran, Feburary 2019.

Poetry reading- Lei Lei Kung, Saaro Umar and Tyson Campbell and Frankie Hanman-Siegersma 20/7/18

New Space Party!
Library new space party with readings from Panda Wong, Fatma Huss and Chi Tran and Pope Fred.

Incedium Library residency at the Norma Redpath house with The Sleepover Initiative. 

I Occupy space, which is to say, i am always grieving by Chi Tran book launch with Atong Atem and Miss Darius Le.
This is how I speak, a workshop held by Chi Tran as part of their 2017 summer writers residency at the library. 

Chi Tran our Summer 2017 writer in residence.

Poetry night with Atong Atem, Nam Chi Tran and Anupama Pilbrow, 5/ 2/17.